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Majestic Hair Extensions Royalty Program

People Helping People
People Helping People

Majestic Hair Extension’s Royalty Program are raising funds  to help feed the poor in our local community. Majestic Hair Extensions customers and donors will become receivers with the ability to raise funds for there own personal project, whatever that is. Paying off some bills, buying a new car,a home or putting their kids through college.

Majestic Hair Extensions has partnered with “People Helping People Worldwide” they are a nonprofit  organization that share revenues with us to fund our charitable giving. You as a royalty member will have that same opportunity  to funds.

Additional Benefits From Majestic Hair Extensions


  • Coupons
  • Advance Product Release
  • Special Events
  • Wholesale on Products
  • Discounts of Services


You get all of this for a one time donation of $50.00

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